There is a kind of abdominal muscle called Ulisses Jr

Ulisses Jr, a world-renowned muscular muscle man, has developed from his teenage teens and ten years of insistence that he has today's muscular detonation.

Ulisses abdominal muscles relish, clear outline, full thickness, like a piece of chocolate like the abdominal muscles so many envy of men.

Vest line, mermaid line, shark line ... Ulisses abdominal called vivid textbooks, each piece is the shape of others dreams.

An abdomen tough guy comparable to walking aphrodisiac, MAN burst!

Want to practice such a full-bodied shape of abdominal muscles, Ulisses secret is to carry out abdominal training, and a separate training day for abdominal training.

Ulisses Jr, the world's top fitness model, one of the best men in the world. Has the perfect body proportions, when you see his body, anyone will be attracted to him, especially his ten pieces of abdominal muscles!

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