Love jogging: be careful (3 corrective action)

Over-pronation, love running you are not also have such a problem!

When the arch falls too far inwards, this is what is known as excessive peduncular pronation, sometimes referred to as flatfoot.

First, the dangers of excessive internal rotation

Excessive internal rotation will increase the body's chance of injury during exercise, because it disrupts the body's natural structure, but also increase the impact on the soles of the feet, especially trainers who love running, will fatigue plantar fascia , Increase the risk of injury and also hinder athletic performance.

Second, excessive internal pronation mainly the following hazards:

Tibial medial pressure syndrome (torn medial leg or electric shock)

Bunion inflammation

Heel pain

Plantar fasciitis

Iliotibial band syndrome

Inflammation of the lateral knee ligament

Chronic low back pain

Patellofemoral pain syndrome (knee pain)

Achilles tendinitis

3 steps to detect whether the internal rotation: In fact, we do not need to find a doctor can determine whether they have excessive internal rotation problems.

1. To keep standing, the arch and the ground without space, the basic is excessive foot pronation.

2. For a regular runner, you can check the condition of the sole to judge. If the inside of the soles wear too much, then you can determine the excessive internal pronation.

3. Can also be soaked feet, and then walk barefoot footsteps observe footprints, excessive foot pronation within the middle of the following figure.

Third, excessive pedicle screw treatment

【1】 Choose the right shoes

Over-full-pronation should pick strong support and stability of the shoes, in order to reduce the impact of each step.

In the selection of shoes need to do the following:

(1) feet measurement.

(2) buy shoes in the evening of the day, when the foot is heavy, while wearing thin socks.

(3) shoes must have a solid support.

【2】 Training to improve symptoms

Physiotherapists usually recommend adding the following training to the day's fitness training.

(1) external rotation of the femur, the knee as the toe rotating the outer , knees and toes direction always consistent, the stool can hold balance. 20 times / group, a total of 3 groups.

(2) the elastic rope fixed at one end, the other end of the set in the ankle, the resistance of the supporting foot against the center of gravity will move to the outer edge of the foot, support 2-3 seconds and then fall. 10 times / group, a total of 3 groups.

(3) one leg on the other leg, the lower leg on the foam shaft before and after rolling, you can properly rotate the lower leg to fully relax the medial and lateral muscles. Rolling 1-2 minutes each leg.

【3】 Orthosis

An orthosis is an insole that provides extra arch support to improve walking by supporting the arch of the foot. Due to different degrees of internal rotation of both feet, it is best to go to the hospital to accept the doctor's diagnostic measurements before custom.

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