eating high protein breakfast will help to lose weight

Eat well sooner. A recent study by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization found that eating breakfast-rich protein-rich foods is good for weight loss.
The report, "Protein Balance: A New Concept for Weight Management," reports that the latest scientific evidence supports the conclusion that at least 25 grams of protein per meal helps control hunger and enhance muscle metabolism. Breakfast Eating protein-rich foods reduces hunger and helps with weight management.
Project leader Novak said that Australians consume significantly less protein per day in breakfast than in the other two meals, and increasing breakfast protein intake helps control appetite. "If you find it hard to control your appetite, eating protein-rich foods at breakfast is a good way to lose weight without feeling especially hungry and not particularly greasy for unhealthy food."
The report encourages people to consume more protein at breakfast, but most Australians consume more protein for dinner and breakfast for only a small portion. The country's women average 11 grams of breakfast protein intake, men 15 grams, fewer older people, but in fact the elderly need more protein.

Noack said two people in every three Australian adults are overweight or obese, raising the risk of developing chronic diseases. Scientific evidence supports the idea that reducing fat requires more protein-rich foods, combined with exercise.

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