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How to Watch Chelsea vs. Leicester City: Game Time, Stream, TV Channel

The last two winners of the Premier League face off on Saturday when 2015-16 champions Leicester City travels to last season's title holders Chelsea in a Premier League matchup. 
Leicester enter the contest sitting in eighth place with 30 points, while Chelsea is in third with 46, one point behind second-place Manchester United but 16 behind runaway leaders Manchester City. 
Both sides played midweek—Leicester tied League one side Fleetwood Town 0-0 on the road in the third round of the FA Cup, so the Foxes will have to play Fleetwood again at home in a replay. Chelsea was held to a 0-0 tie with Arsenal in the first leg of the League Cup semifinal. 
The two sides faced off on Sept. 9 at Leicester, and Chelsea escaped 2-1 winners thanks to goals from Alvaro Morata and former Leicester star N'Golo Kante.


Time: 10 a.m. ET

There is a kind of abdominal muscle called Ulisses Jr

Ulisses Jr, a world-renowned muscular muscle man, has developed from his teenage teens and ten years of insistence that he has today's muscular detonation.

Ulisses abdominal muscles relish, clear outline, full thickness, like a piece of chocolate like the abdominal muscles so many envy of men.

Vest line, mermaid line, shark line ... Ulisses abdominal called vivid textbooks, each piece is the shape of others dreams.

An abdomen tough guy comparable to walking aphrodisiac, MAN burst!

Want to practice such a full-bodied shape of abdominal muscles, Ulisses secret is to carry out abdominal training, and a separate training day for abdominal training.

Ulisses Jr, the world's top fitness model, one of the best men in the world. Has the perfect body proportions, when you see his body, anyone will be attracted to him, especially his ten pieces of abdominal muscles!

Four kinds of diet will make people short-lived

Dinner is too rich
Dinner sumptuously easy to get the following seven kinds of diseases.
First, dinner too late to eat, increase the probability of stones.
The peak of human calcium excretion 4-5 hours after a meal, dinner to eat too late, in the row of calcium peak has entered sleep. When people go to sleep, the urine will be retained in the urinary tract, can not be excreted in time, which will lead to increased calcium in urine and produce precipitation, the formation of long-term accumulation of stones.
Second, dinner too sumptuous, over time, resulting in obesity.
In the evening, the content of insulin in the blood is the peak of the day. Insulin can convert the blood sugar into fat and condense on the blood vessel wall and the abdominal wall. The supper is too rich to eat. In the course of time, people become obese.
Third, if dinner is too full, it is easy to induce diabetes.
If you eat too full dinner, it will stimulate a large number of insulin secretion, making insulin aggravate, leading to hormone aging, easy to induce diabetes.
Fourth, dinner too full, too late, easily lead to gastrointestinal diseases.
If you eat too full at night, too late, will not allow the stomach to rest, food debris wear mucosal tissue is not well restored.
If dinner is full, protein foods can not be completely digested. In the role of intestinal bacteria, produce toxic substances, combined with a small amount of activity makes the intestinal peristalsis slow, prolonging the retention time of toxic substances, increasing the risk of colon cancer.
In addition, during prolonged sleep, the body enters a rest state, a lot of food will accumulate in the stomach, these foods will make a large number of gastric acid secretion, which will also stimulate the gastric mucosa. If such a long-term diet, it can easily lead to gastric mucosal erosion, ulcers, if there are carcinogens in food, but also may induce more terrible gastric cancer.
Fifth, sumptuous dinner destroyed the human body clock, easy to suffer from insomnia.
The long sumptuous dinner, which lasts for a long time, destroys the body's normal biological clock and makes it easy for people to suffer from insomnia.
Eating too late dinner, food intake increases, will lead to stomach food accumulation, this time people will have the feeling of bulging stomach, which oppression around the organization, making it difficult to sleep.
Sixth, excessive intake of energy dinner, easy to induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
Dinner intake of excessive energy, especially excessive saturated fatty acids and cholesterol, the excess fat and cholesterol easily accumulate in the vessel wall, induced atherosclerosis and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
Seventh, dinner sumptuous, increase the burden on the kidneys.
Many people like big fish, skewers of barbecue, seafood beer, but at night to eat these things will make the kidneys can not afford to, once the kidneys over load, kidney disease will suddenly come, caught off guard. If dinner without restraint plus not found in time, it will further aggravate the disease development, and ultimately kidney failure, uremia. Once you have the disease, you are at risk.
Healthy dinner should eat so?
Dinner is a good time to "catch up" for one day nutrition. For example, if breakfast and lunch did not eat coarse grains, steamed sweet potatoes at night, pumpkin or porridge bowl; did not eat enough to eat vegetables, 500 grams of vegetables; dinner during the day did not eat soy products, the evening should be appropriate to add soy products ... ... should pay attention to not eat the sea to eat Hu, the amount can be added.
Dinner to eat early, can greatly reduce the incidence of urolithiasis. Dinner before 7 o'clock in the most healthy, eat less, quantitative as well, not overeating. In addition, the healthy dinner also need to pay attention to the following three points:
Eat only 5 points full.
General requirements for dinner to provide heat to not exceed 30% of the total daily calories. After 7 o'clock, the golden period of gastrointestinal digestion has passed, gastric juice decreased, gastric motility worsened. At this time "make-eat" dinner, eat less than normal dinner. Best only half the normal dinner, which is 5 minutes full. This feeling is "just eat cool," we should put down chopsticks stop mouth.
Eat more slowly than normal dinner.
Because it is late, eat slower, you can chew the food more broken, more conducive to gastrointestinal digestion. At the same time also give the body a response time, let the body experience 5 full feeling. At the same time it is best not to "look at the video while eating, talking while eating", so the most impact on digestion, will inevitably increase the burden on the stomach.
More mainly vegetables and coarse grains.
If dinner is too late, do not eat big fish. These fats and proteins can exacerbate the body burden, even when you are asleep, and the body is still helping you to digest these residual foods, which will undoubtedly lead to diseases such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure.
Therefore, dinner must be biased, in particular, should be more intake of some fresh vegetables, try to reduce the excessive intake of protein, fatty foods. The best is to eat a little vegetable + coarse grains. This mix will not increase the body's burden at all. A lot of dietary fiber, can speed up food in the intestine of the residence time, to avoid cancer.
Coarse grains yam particularly good, can relieve constipation, but also to prevent the three highs. Work in the morning, the time is tight, and seldom eat the rest of the food outside, may wish to find time to cook at night.
Smoking after a meal
Smoking after a meal, nicotine will be quickly absorbed into the blood, making people in an excited state, smokers and therefore have "a cigarette after dinner, live a happy race," said one.
In fact, smoking after smoking on the body more than usual poisoning. Smoking a cigarette after a meal, poisoning is greater than the sum of smoking ten cigarettes. Because after-meal smoking will interfere with food digestion, affecting nutrient absorption, but also cause direct damage to the stomach and duodenum, gastrointestinal disorders, increased bile secretion, easily lead to abdominal pain.
After people eat, gastrointestinal peristalsis, blood circulation to speed up, then the body's ability to absorb smoke into the "best state", the toxic substances in the smoke easier than usual to enter the body.
Suggest full quit smoking. According to the World Health Organization, smoking cessation can increase its life expectancy, quit smoking at the age of 60, and its life expectancy can be increased by more than three years. Quit smoking begins at the age of 50 and life expectancy can increase by more than six years. It is not too late to quit smoking at any age.
This article integrates: family doctor online, ELLE Chinese network, Hualong network health, weather network, liberation daily newspaper and other network synthesis
Easy to eat breakfast without aging, supper too full, easy to insomnia, and even sick. Eating food is a big pleasure, but improper eating practices can speed up our lives and shorten our life expectancy.
4 kinds of diet will hurt
Do not eat breakfast
Do not eat breakfast severely injured stomach, so you can not work energetically, but also easy to "show the old."
Imperial College London study found that without breakfast, the brain will release a signal that requires high calorie, resulting in lunch and dinner intake of "junk food" greatly increased the chances. Long-term, obesity, high blood pressure, high blood lipids and diabetes will come to you. Research from Harvard University in the United States also confirmed that such an approach would increase the risk of heart disease by 27%.
In addition, eating breakfast will be short-lived for ten years.
Breakfast is too early to eat.
Doctors pointed out that as early as 6:30 to eat breakfast is too early to eat, premature ejaculation can not get enough rest, over time, will have an impact on health. The best breakfast eating time is between 6:30 and 8:30.
Often eat soy fritters.
Soybean milk is a fat food, fried fritters are fried at high temperatures, and may be repeatedly used over the frying oil, frying easily destroy food nutrients, repeated use of frying oil to eat more easy to cause cancer, good health Extremely unfavorable.
Wang Xingguo, chief of nutrition department of Dalian Central Hospital, said: "Fried dough sticks and cakes need a lot of oil, and hawkers are likely to use ditch oil. Even regular oils, after repeated cooking, will have more harmful ingredients." Therefore, Do not eat often, eat once a week solution to addiction is enough.

Breakfast last night eating leftover food.
There are some leftover food overnight, will produce nitric acid, a carcinogen, eat into will be harmful to health, long-term so may also cause cancer; while some people do not even heat the leftovers to eat, This is very easy to stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, and even vomiting and other symptoms caused by diarrhea.
Breakfast walked to eat.
This phenomenon is particularly evident in urban white-collar workers. The most common phenomenon in the street breakfast stalls simply buy breakfast, walk while eating, quickly solve the breakfast problem. This way of breakfast, over time will hurt the gastrointestinal digestion, resulting in gastroenteritis.
And breakfast street to buy, health is difficult to guarantee. Many stalls are looking for money while processing food, stalls are located in the roadside, dust, car exhaust "one after another."
Breakfast is not nutritious, the reaction can not keep up.
Poor quality of breakfast, resulting in relatively low blood sugar levels, can not provide sufficient energy to the brain in time, prone to palpitation, fatigue, lack of concentration and other issues, greatly reducing the efficiency of work and study.
Breakfast not only eat, but also to eat well, but the survey found that people generally pay less attention to breakfast with nutrition, eat more simple. Dr. James Balch, Indiana University School of Medicine, pointed out that eating a single will lead to the body lack of essential vitamins, minerals, etc., and even seriously impeded blood circulation.
How to eat healthy breakfast?
Virginia Commonwealth University research shows that the more abundant breakfast to eat, blood sugar, lipid control better, the more significant weight loss.
What is the best stomach to eat breakfast?
Choose five shell and root stalks as the staple food. Not only rich in sugar, but also can quickly provide the basic energy needed by the body. A nutritious breakfast with porridge, bread, radish cakes, toasts, oats, whole-shell chips ... as a staple food or a coarser five-shelled rhizome, such as whole wheat bread, cereal porridge, etc. .
Breakfast is a good opportunity to replenish your milk. Dairy products are one of the sources of high-quality protein and are rich in calcium. Of the foods commonly consumed, none of them have a calcium content comparable to that of milk.
The use of breakfast time to intake of milk, such as a glass of milk, goat's milk, low-sugar yogurt and so are good choices, in addition to milk calcium and skeletal development related to the same time, with the promotion of nerve and muscle stimulation Induction, in other words, has the effect of stabilizing emotions.
Therefore, in the morning to a glass of milk, or soy milk is not bad, then fried a poached egg, are able to eat high-quality protein, let us look full of energy and vitality early in the morning.
Breakfast to add fruit, the quality will be better. Fruit is a rich source of vitamins A, C, and contains vitamin B group, fiber, and minerals, not only has an appetite stimulating effect, while promoting intestinal peristalsis and maintain the body acid-base balance. For example, we can choose to eat porridge with vegetables, or to a lettuce salad, ham sandwich with cucumber. And eating an apple, orange or half a banana after breakfast will be better.
Breakfast food try to be delicious, appetizing; there is sufficient quantity and better quality; small size, high heat; preparation time-saving effort; in the choice of food to pay attention to dry dilute collocation, meat and vegetarian both. If time is up, take some biscuits and eat.
Eating too fast
Increased gastrointestinal burden, leading to obesity. Eating too fast, the food is not fully chew, is not conducive to oral food and saliva amylase preliminary digestion, increase gastrointestinal burden; chewing time is too short, the vagus nerve is still over-excited among the long run, prone to obesity due to loss of appetite.
Suggestions should be chewed, set aside more time to eat.
Breakfast is too fast risk of cancer.
The most direct impact of devouring is indigestion. The United States, South Carolina Medical University study pointed out that chewing is not fine, increased gastrointestinal burden, risk of gastroesophageal reflux greatly increased.
Japan's neurology, medicine, Dr. Masayoshi Misasa Kai said eating too fast can not stimulate brain activity, people will become stupid. Osaka University, Japan also found that eating too fast will lead to doubling the chances of obesity. Moreover, most people rush to eat despite the food too hot, long-term high-temperature diet may induce cancer. More and more studies have shown that overheating is closely related to various gastrointestinal diseases such as esophageal cancer.

eating high protein breakfast will help to lose weight

Eat well sooner. A recent study by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization found that eating breakfast-rich protein-rich foods is good for weight loss.
The report, "Protein Balance: A New Concept for Weight Management," reports that the latest scientific evidence supports the conclusion that at least 25 grams of protein per meal helps control hunger and enhance muscle metabolism. Breakfast Eating protein-rich foods reduces hunger and helps with weight management.
Project leader Novak said that Australians consume significantly less protein per day in breakfast than in the other two meals, and increasing breakfast protein intake helps control appetite. "If you find it hard to control your appetite, eating protein-rich foods at breakfast is a good way to lose weight without feeling especially hungry and not particularly greasy for unhealthy food."
The report encourages people to consume more protein at breakfast, but most Australians consume more protein for dinner and breakfast for only a small portion. The country's women average 11 grams of breakfast protein intake, men 15 grams, fewer older people, but in fact the elderly need more protein.

Noack said two people in every three Australian adults are overweight or obese, raising the risk of developing chronic diseases. Scientific evidence supports the idea that reducing fat requires more protein-rich foods, combined with exercise.

The four ingredients that contribute to weight loss should be eaten

After entering the summer, it is definitely the best moment for a handsome guy to show her body shape. But not everyone is the kind of body that is thin, undressing. If you are still on the road to lose weight , in addition to regular aerobic exercise, but also control your mouth.

We recommended 4 kinds of effective weight-loss ingredients, added to your daily diet , weight-loss just around the corner.

  • Slimming ingredients 1: pepper and pepper

Capsaicin among them will stimulate the body to release epinephrine, accelerate the metabolism level of the body; at the same time it can restrain the appetite, make people not easy to feel hungry.

  • Slimming ingredients 2: green tea

Drink 3 times a day tea, the body's metabolic rate will increase 4%, in other words, easier to metabolize and consume fat.

  • Slimming ingredients 3: marine fish

Marine fish reduce the level of hormones in the body that reduce the body's metabolic rate, so it is best to eat the fish more than three times a week.

Slimming ingredients 4: bananas

Although bananas are high in calories, but fat is very low, but also rich in potassium, both full belly and low fat, can reduce the accumulation of fat in the body, is ideal for weight loss food.

9 actions to create winter warrior: chest, shoulder, triceps, there is no cowardice!

Day 1 to build winter fighters: chest, shoulder, brachial, there is no cowardice!

First, the tabletDumbbell bench press

Number of groups: 4 Number of times: 8 Group rest time: 90 seconds

1. Hands holding a dumbbell, sitting on a bench, on the legs, palms relative. Then use the thigh to raise the dumbbell, lift one at a time, and then lie down with homeopathy while bending the arm to support the dumbbell, shoulder width, then contraction of the chest to lift the dumbbell.

2. Then slowly lower the dumbbells to both sides of the chest, while breathing. Until the chest is stretched to the limit .

3. Straighten up the arm, the dumbbell quickly pushed to the top of the chest, while exhale. Slightly stay at the top, feeling chest muscle contraction.

Second, the sloping dumbbell bench press

Number of groups: 4 Number of times: 8 Group rest time: 90 seconds

1. Hold a dumbbell in each hand, sit on the stool, place it on the thigh, palm opposite each other.

2. Then raise your dumbbell with your thigh and hold it up one at a time, placing it on your chest, palm forward, shoulder width. Lying back to the back at the same time, chest abdomen.

3. Then pectoral muscles will push the dumbbell up, exhale at the same time.

4 arms straight, peak time to reach the top of a second contraction, and then slowly decline, while breathing. Pay attention to slow down slowly.

Third , push-ups

Number of groups: 3 Number of times: 10 Group break time: 60 seconds

1. Chest abdomen, trunk and leg to maintain a straight line.

2. Arms naturally straight perpendicular to the ground.

3. Both hands and shoulder width, always keep the back straight, elbows open diagonally.

Fourth, dumbbell shoulder press

Number of groups: 4 Number of times: 8 Group rest time: 90 seconds

1. hand holding a dumbbell, the elbow opening, carried the boom and the ground surface of the water flat position.

2. Straighten your arms up, raise your dumbbells over your head and exhale.

3. Then slowly fall dumbbells, while breathing.

Five, dumbbell side flat

Number of groups: 3 Number of times: 10 Group break time: 60 seconds

1. The body upright, each holding a dumbbell in both hands, both sides of the body naturally drooping, palm relative, feet open shoulder width.

2. Keep the arm micro-bend, the dumbbells to both sides of the body, while exhale, until shoulder-height. On the process of lifting, you can let the tiger's mouth slightly tilted down to better stimulate the shoulder in the beam.

3. Slightly stay at the top, feel the shoulder muscle contraction. Then dumbbell back down, while breathing.

Six, under the rope

Number of groups: 3 Number of times: 10 Group break time: 60 seconds

1. Connect the straight bar to the high pulley, then hold (palm down), shoulder width.

2. Torso upright, sticking the upper arm to your torso and perpendicular to the ground.

3. shrinkage brachial triceps lever pressed it just touches the thighs and arms fully extended and exhalation. The upper arm should always remain stationary and close to the torso, only the forearm moves.

4. After the peak shrinks for a second, lever slowly falls back and breathes in.

Seven, bent over dumbbell arm flexion and extension

Number of groups: 3 Number of times: 10 Group break time: 60 seconds

1. Hold a dumbbell with each hand, bend your knees slightly, bend your torso parallel to the ground, keep your back straight, your upper arm clings to your torso, parallel to the ground, and your forearm naturally droops.

2. Maintain the upper arm fixed, the use of triceps power dumbbell back up, exhale at the same time. Until the forearm and the ground parallel to the top of a little stay, feel severe contraction triceps.

3. Maintain the upper arm fixed, and then slowly fall back dumbbells, while breathing, the body may have a slight swing.

Eight, hanging leg

Number of groups: 3 Number of times: 12 Group break time: 30 seconds

1. Arm straight to hang himself on the horizontal bar, legs straight drooping.

2. Keep your knees slightly bent and lift your legs parallel to the ground while exhaling and staying at the top for one second.

3. Slowly fall back and inhale.

Nine, the opposite curl

Number of groups: 3 Number of times: 12 Group break time: 30 seconds

1. Lying on the bench, hands holding the bench, knees bent.

2. Contraction of the abdominal muscles will lift the knee close to the chest position, slowly rise and fall, control action.


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